Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ogbaku Postal Code

Let's say you want to receive goods from someone leaving abroad, you need to input your postal code in order to receive the goods in your house.

Postal codes are numbers that are unique to each location. They are required by logistics companies to transport goods to your house, compound or village.

Today, we will see Ogbaku postal code and how to generate postal code in case you leave Ogbaku one of this days.
Ogbaku, Ogbaku postal code

Ogbaku Postal code

You can find Ogbaku postal code on the Nigerian postal service website. The Nigerian Postal service is in charge of giving out postal codes to different locations.

  • Visit the postal code website at
  • Ogbaku is a rural community so click on "Search by Rural Location"
  • Under the list of states, select Imo state
  • Under LGA, select Mbaitoli
  • Under district, select Ogbaku
  • Under town, select the town you come from
Ogbaku postal code is 461117.  

The list of villages sharing the same postal codes are;

Eziome-Ogbaku ,
Ishokpa-Obibi , 
Lawa-Ogbaku , 
Ohobo , 
Okpuala , 
Umuabagwo-Obibi , 
Umuaku , 
Umuawaka-Okwu , 
Umudogu , 
Umueze , 
Umugama-Ogbaku , 
Umuokpu , 
Umuyazi-Nsokpo , 

Postal codes can also be used in place of Zip codes.

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